New Beginnings

I have decided to join the world of blogging. There are no guarantees that anyone will even want to read any of this, but I am writing nonetheless. For any friends or family, this will be a wonderful way to get a glimpse into our life, and everyday goings on. But more than that, I view this as a tool to let my little life as a stay-at-home mom have some creative direction. This will be more than an avenue to keep family and friends updated on our life. Sure, it’ll be that too, but my hope is for more than that. I have always loved writing, just getting my thoughts down on paper (or, in this case, typing them out) it’s healing and therapeutic.  Do not expect this blog to be about any one subject in particular. It’s going to be messy, raw, written as the thoughts flow through my head. Think of this as more of a journal, a place where I can come back to and relive memories buried deep under years of the mundane. I want a place I can capture pictures as well as words. A place where I can relive the first time Madelyn talks, really talks. A place I can come back to and reread what the Lord was doing in me at the time, a kind of shared devotional. Sometimes I am reading a brilliant book, or a verse in the bible, and I read something I wish I could share with the world. That’s what this is to me. A place to write, and a place to share hope, encouragement, stories, pictures, recipes, devotionals, struggles. Life


No one tells you how mundane life becomes when you become a mother. Oh, it’s wonder and beauty too though, everything new and infused with the miraculous. The first time that little being that was woven together in your womb looks up at you and sees you, really sees you, and smiles. The first time she pulls herself up to stand and tentatively takes that very first waddle and you realize it’s all passing you by way too quickly, that she might as well be walking out the door to her first day of school. Everything is new for her, and in turn new for you. It’s beautiful, being a mother. But it’s also very hard, and monotonous, and tiresome. That little person becomes your life. “Once you become a mother, you stop being a picture and become a frame.” (Author unknown). It’s true, you step back to let that little person take the stage. People tell you your whole life how hard and how glorious being a mom is, and you’re still not prepared. Hopefully through writing again, I can take back just a little bit of myself that has become so wrapped around my identity of being a “mom” and let that label blend in with all the other things that make up who I am. Not just mother. But wife, homemaker, Christian, friend, mentor, mentee, singer, writer, woman, daughter, sister, cook (even if it’s the last thing I do, I WILL learn to cook well)! If you’d like to come along on the journey, great! Look out for the next post, and I will introduce my family, and explain how we came to be The Tiffanys!

That’s all for now- S



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